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Patrick Fridley
6/13/2016  3:12 PM

SAN ANTONIO, TX: Championship Week | Team Spotlight: Gotham City

The rooks....

Gotham City is back in the Finals! This highly successful franchise has yet to put a banner of their own up, yet they are right there, and have been for the last 4 seasons.

Team History:

Winter 15' - Heroes
Result: (Lost in the Finals to the Dream Chasers)

Spring 15' - Heroes
Result: (Lost in the Finals to the Scranton Stranglers in double OT)

Summer 15' - Villains
Result: (Lost in the Semi's to eventual Champion's Controlled Chaos)

Winter 16' - Gotham City
Result: (Lost in the Finals to Controlled Chaos in double OT)

Spring 16' - Gotham City
Result: (?)


Gotham City has basically cruised through the Spring Season. There have been some close calls, (Stud Muffins, BND), but most games have ended in blowout wins. The team looks poised to capture a banner, and make UHSA history on Wednesday. Will they?

Heart and Soul

SG Pat Fridley and F Kai Johnson have been the core of this franchise since their debut in 2015. However, they both remain banner-less. They hope this season, things will change. PG Justin Brickman has rejoined the squad this season as well, after leaving to play with older brother Jason Brickman, and Dee Jackson on the Little Rascals.

Veteran Help

Gotham City has enlisted the help of a few Championship Vets in the form of F Dee Jackson (Dream Chasers 15'), PG Jason Brickman (Scranton Stranglers 15'), F Josh Martin (Dream Chasers 15') and SG Anthony Gabriel (Scranton Stranglers 15') to come bring some of that magic to Gotham. These guys have all won chips', and obviously know what it takes.


First timers Ansley Benjamin, and Tuck Powell have stepped in and made huge contributions. In Ansley's first season, he is averaging 18ppg and 12rpg as a force down low. Tuck Powell is averaging 8ppg with his contributions behind the arc.

Putting it Together

All in all, Gotham City plays a fast pace game (1st in scoring/86ppg), and really takes control of the break. It's a balanced attack (1st in apg/20apg) and a swarm on defense (1st in spg/7spg). A true testament to "Team Play", this is Gotham in a nutshell. Will their name join the other banners in the gym? Find out Wednesday....

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UH Media Team

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