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The Ultimate Hoops league is the largest recreational basketball league in the country. Powered by Life Time Fitness, Ultimate Hoops League is a 24/7 oncourt, online, basketball experience. UH offers the best leagues with an interactive statistical website, featuring personal player profiles that turn "Average Joes" into basketball superstars. With the ability to track players stats for their entire career, your basketball career begins and ends with Ultimate Hoops.
PPV Formula

How our PPV is calculated:

  1. Determine the TOTAL POINTS scored by player.
  2. Determine the SUBTRACTION amount based on shooting percentage. The lower the shooting percentage, the higher the subtraction value. Shooting percentage ranges are divided by the following:
    • 0 - 49%
    • 50% - 59%
    • 60% - 69%
    • 70% - 79%
    • 80% - 100%
  3. Determine point values for each 3pt, 2pt and 1pt basket. Basicallly, this part determines the value of each single point a player scores by how many points this score in a game. The thinking behind this is that the more you score for your team, the more valuable your points are. So for example, if a role player scored 4 points, his 4 points aren't the same as another player that scored 25 points for his team. Point value ranges are divided by the following:
    • Over 25 points
    • Between 15 - 24 points
    • Between 1 - 14 points
  4. Determine the POSITIVE values. This is done by adding all the positive stats together such as points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. Any stat that contributes positively to the outcome of the game gets a positive value. Offensive rebounds get a bump above a defensive rebound since that extends a team's possession.
  5. Determine the NEGATIVE values. Any stat that impacts the game negatively such as turnovers and missed shots. The SUBTRACTION amount from step 2 comes into play for volume shooters with a low shooting percentage. The NEGATIVE value will be higher since shooting a low percentage (in theory) will negatively impact your team.
  6. Add the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE values to come up with the final value.
  7. The final value is then multiplied by a number to determine the monetary PPV value.
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