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Muskies (5 - 5)
WINTER - 2020 - Rec Plus Division
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  Home Team Away Team Club Location Time Date Result
Week 1 Muskies Straight Shooters Bloomington South 8:00PM 10/09/2019 W 74-69
Week 2 Muskies Guerrillas Bloomington South 8:00PM 10/16/2019 L68-77
Week 3 Board Man Gets Paid Muskies Bloomington South 8:00PM 10/23/2019 L74-103
Week 4 Downtown Muskies Bloomington South 7:00PM 10/30/2019 W 77-72
Week 6 Muskies Total Blend Bloomington South 8:00PM 11/13/2019 L75-80
Week 7 Muskies Rebels Bloomington South 8:00PM 11/20/2019 L77-80
Week 7 Ball.Life Muskies Bloomington South 9:00PM 11/20/2019 W 131-90
Week 8 Muskies Guerrillas Bloomington South 8:00PM 12/04/2019 W 87-69
Sweet Sixteen Muskies Omar Tires Bloomington South - Court 1 6:30PM 12/11/2019 W 86-80
Elite Eight Guerrillas Muskies Fridley 7:00PM 12/12/2019 L69-84