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Billy Hilliard
9/14/2015  1:09 PM

DALLAS, TX: Dentmon Breaks Plano Scoring Record | Billy’s House "Gets a Leg Up"

Record are made to be broken. Some stand untested for long periods of time. However, Mike Malat’s big 62-point effort lasted shorter than most would have expected, thanks to the prolific efforts of former NBA player Justin Dentmon. Dentmon plays for Malat’s former club, Billy’s House, and has taken over as the team’s go-to and top scorer. He didn’t just stop there, he decided to invade and conquer the record books as well. And just last week, he did.

Mike Malat’s 62 points were fueled by his ability to knock down countless outside jumpers, something Dentmon has a step up on him, if you can imagine that. In Round 1 of the Summer Playoffs, the former D-League MVP who had stints in the NBA with the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs to name a few surpassed the Ultimate Hoops record with room to spare.

In a 1 vs 16 Qualifying Round matchup vs. The Direwolves, Dentmon wasted no time securing the victory and postseason advance for Billy’s House.

Not to forget his other contributions in this absolute showcase --Dentmon also had a triple double behind 13 rebounds and 10 assists-- he dropped in an improbable 18-23 3 pointers shooting 71% overall (25-35) on his way to a monstrous performance of 70 points.

The scoring record and a triple double? There’s a reason this guy has had his foot in the premiere level of competitive basketball, the NBA.

Oh, yeah. The week after in the Quarterfinals Dentmon dropped 57 big ones, a “step down” from his 70 point record-setting performance just 48 hours earlier. I guess it’s back to the grind for the All-Star performer!

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